First Steps: What do I do with Nuxeo?

So, thanks to help from this community, I got the Nuxeo VM downloaded, booted, configured, and I got logged in as Administrator. Woo! But then the real trouble comes: now what?

I've trolled through the documentation (which is excellent for administrators, mind you), and see one glaring omission: Now that I have Nuxeo, what do I do with it?

As a business user who doesn't necessarily have domain knowledge for document or digital asset management, I know what problems I'm trying to solve, but I don't know how to go about it. I'm technical enough to take on any system administration challenge I'm presented with given sufficient time, including crafting appropriate XSDs to support out-of-the-ordinary requirements we might have, but what I'm missing is an understanding of how to approach the initial problems of DM and DAM. For instance, where do I go to learn the lexicon of Nuxeo? In general, I understand what Templates and Workflow are all about. But what's a Section, and how does it relate to what I want to do (which is solve the problem of almost a million documents spread over two dozen file shares with little in the way of organization or orderly management)? For that matter, what does the term Domain mean within the context of Nuxeo? It's at best an overloaded term.

When I look into Studio, I find things like Vocabularies, a Content Model, Life Cycles, and something called a Domain Factory. All of these sound very powerful, and I see that they will probably be useful in the long term. But for today (or the next couple days), how do I get something stood up that I can show to Management that will demonstrate that this platform is something we should take seriously?

I realize that this is a non-trivial question, and the answer really gets into the realm of consulting. Most FOSS packages have this same sort of trouble, too; technically brilliant, but lacking in addressing the business perspective.

I look forward to your feedback.



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Perhaps this is reflective of my “impatient American” perspective, but I believe that changing the top bit of the front page for the documentation center to give an immediate link into one of the quick-start guides would help. To wit:

Welcome to the Nuxeo Platform documentation wiki. The Nuxeo Platform is a software platform for building content apps. The Platform development is driven by the Nuxeo company under LGPL license. Source code can be found on GitHub and ready-to-install products can be downloaded from our website.

If you've just downloaded the Nuxeo Platform and want to get started immediately, Bootstrap Your Document Management Project with this guide.

This documentation is maintained by Nuxeo. You can become a contributor and help us provide quality content to the Nuxeo Platform community.

This documentation center provides different guides:

•The Developer/Architect documentation explains what the Nuxeo Platform is and its architecture. It presents what you can do with it and how you can customize and extend it. You will find formal documentation as well as tutorials and how-tos. •The Installation and Administration documentation covers simple and advanced topics about the setup of the Nuxeo Platform in every compatible environments. •The User Guides provide screenshots and step-by-step instructions for using our out-of-the-box product and its additional modules.

This keeps people from having to read through more than a screenful of description of what's contained in the main body of the documentation to discover what they should be looking at next.



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Thank you for your feedback! I transferred it to the person in charge. We are currently discussing the improvements to be done and will make changes soon.


We were in the process of changing the documentation site home page and the different space home pages to provide more useful links from the start. They are now online. Don't hesitate to go and take a look :)

We are also in the process of changing the way how-to's are categorized, so it's easier to find the kind of resource you need and know what they are about. This should be available soon.

Thanks for your feedback!



The links you found are indeed perfect to get you started. I am a bit disappointed however that you had so many difficulties in finding them.

All links you mention for the user guide and such can be found on the home page of Nuxeo's documentation center :

The Studio links can be found when you open Nuxeo Studio, on the welcome page (right side of the screen).

We would be glad to make them easier to find. Please let us know, should you have any idea to make things better.

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I think I've discovered at least part of the issue that resulted in my above rant. Look at the left-hand navigation trees for these two links:

Had I not found a shortcut to the second link, I would have never been able to get there.


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After all that, I found this:

I'm not sure if it answers all my questions, but it looks promising.

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