How to use the event "navigate" in an action in the designer of Studio


I'm working with nuxeo sudio 10.10 (WEB UI) and I would like to redirect the user after an action launching an automation chain.

In my case I try to use the event property : And the one I try to manage is “navigate”. My problem is, I would like to be redirected to a specific document after my action but I don't know what does the “detail” argument accept ?

It only accepts a JSON like : {“doc”:“something”}, but all my trial redirect the user to the root… What am I supposed to use ? I would like to be redirected to : /Workspace/workspaces/Dossier_de_sujets/Sujets_terminés_à_envoyer_pour_validation, and the ID of this document is : c60e82d5-ad11-4f76-9af4-f1a505ca098d

thanks for you help !

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With my example, the answer was : {“doc”: {“path”: “/Workspace/workspaces/Dossier_de_sujets/Sujets_terminés_à_envoyer_pour_validation”}}

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