How to use Seam.NavigateTo ?


I'm on Nuxeo 10.10 (LTS 2019) and I would like to redirect the user at the end of an automation chain.

On studio I think I have to use 'Seam.NavigateTo' but impossible for me to find what argument matches.

I want to be redirected to a document extending Folder which path is : /Workspace/workspaces/Dossier_de_sujets/Sujets_à_valider

I've the following automation chain : Fetch > Context.FetchDocument Document > Document.Move Document > Document.FollowLifecycleTransition User Interface > Seam.NavigateTo

If anyone has an idea ?

Thanks a lot

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The answer was : you can't use Seam.navigateTo on WebUI… This is only for jsf. (Yes WebUI.navigateTo doesn't apply on WebUI…)

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Seam.NavigateTo (now an alias to WebUI.NavigateTo) has only one optionnal parameter (view).

As mentionned in its documentation, the operation “Navigates to the input document.”

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In your case, you should have a Repository.GetDocument / Document.Fetch just before with value = '/Workspace/workspaces/Dossier_de_sujets/Sujets_à_valider'

Thanks for your answer.

I still have errors when launching the automation chain, which now is :

  • Context.FetchDocument
  • Document.Move: target: /Workspace/workspaces/Dossier_de_sujets/Sujets_à_valider
  • Document.FollowLifecycleTransition: value: to_review
  • Repository.GetDocument: value: /Workspace/workspaces/Dossier_de_sujets/Sujets_à_valider
  • Seam.NavigateTo: {}

I tried different ways to use navigateTo but I always have the errors you can see in server.log attached to this message, even with the example in the documentation.

FILES:   server.log
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