No bound to a chain

I'm trying to use a portlet using automation client to access the repository using PORTAL_AUTH. Login is fine (/nuxeo/site/automation/login) but the query sent by the client goes wrong (/nuxeo/site/automation/Document.PageProvider).

Here is what the automation traces say :

    ****** chain ******
Name: Document.PageProvider
Produced output type: PaginableDocumentModelListImpl
****** Hierarchy calls ******

****** Document.PageProvider ******
Chain ID: No bound to a chain
Class: DocumentPageProviderOperation
Method: 'run' | Input Type: void | Output Type: class
Input: null
Context Variables | Key: request, Value:$DefaultContentTypeRequestWrapper@2909b94b | Key: ChainParameters, Value: {page=0, query=SELECT * FROM Document WHERE ecm:path STARTSWITH '/default-domain/workspaces/', pageSize=20}

What's the problem with this missing chain ID ? I ve got nothing in server.log.

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It says that you call one operation and not a chain containing operations.

You should see the Automation documentation if you need to access remotely to a Nuxeo repository (

Related to the traces, here is the documentation (you can activate more traces if you want):

What's going wrong? Do you have other logs? Can you explain what is your problem after logging in?


it seems this not the cause of my problems : Chain ID is only mentionned when … a chain is run

In this case, the raw operation is usedn not within a chain.

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