Error in automation chain created "workflow"

I followed the steps on the guide,

then it apears on my Nuxeo DM, all the folders in my workflow definition (beta) appears under the domain… and do nothing.

Also i dont know how to bind it to the automation chain created…

When I tried the button in a new document, there is a error message that says:

An error ocurred while executing te chain “workflows”. No type adapter found for input: and output class> Contex.FetchDocument:run> workflow.CreateTask:Run

what can i do??? Why it happens?

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Can you replace the @{CurrentDate.days(7).format(“yyyy-MM-dd'T'kk:mm:ss'Z'“) by @{CurrentDate.days(7).date”) to tell me if it works. I will change the documentation if this is the case.

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