Importing "Nuxeo Routing Default" into a Studio project?

I have imported the “Nuxeo Routing Default” workflow referenced in this question

It appear the automation chains that “Nuxeo Routing Default” places into my Studio project collide with the “deployed by default” automation chains in v5.6.

I changed the names of the automation chains to make them unique. The server.log errors complaining of the duplicate automation chain names stopped.

I noticed the “Nuxeo Routing Default” template workflow does not seem to “call” any automation chains, but the workflow seems to work “as advertised”.

Is the lack of automation chain calls in any of the transition paths because I changed the names of the automation chains imported from “Nuxeo Routing Default”???

Did Studio delete the automation links because of the name change?

I did get a message, from Studio, warning me to check the references of the changed automation names.

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There is an open Studio bug related to this problem, it will be fixed in the next release. See for more details.

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