I get a window: http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/view_documents.faces when using the workflow Holiday request

I`m using the package provided by nuxeo Studio, but i present a few errors on it.

First, when I try to cancel the worflow from the node tor.timeoffrequestform.label, using the automation chain tor_LCT_to_canceled it promps an error, I solved changing the Lyfe cycle: The transition to_canceled goes now from Draft to Canceled.

Second, When the manager (jack) sends the request to update, appears the error: You don't have the necessary permission to do the requested action, The workflow don`t allow me to see the document after the task has finished, it seems to be fixed with an automation chain: tor_node_manager_request_output That assign the permission to Read for User Jack, but how can i move to the dashboard of the user Jack automatically without assigning the read permission?

Third, when I`m almost finishing the workflow, the user:hr_manager validates the request and the node uses the automatin chain “tor_node_hr_manager_approval_validate” that follows a life cycle transition from to_being_processed to to_accept, but instead of showing me something it loads a white page with this URL: http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/view_documents.faces

why????? PD: The node uses the automation chain and goes to an End node.

In other workflows when im going to get to the end node, I cannot use an automation chain, cause it wont run

Help please

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