Is there any way to go to a certain URL when there is a session timeout?

So when a session times out, no matter where I am, I always want to go back to the domain where that user has access to. In this case, the primary url where the user first logs into is


I want to make sure that when the session times out, it goes back to this URL.

I looked at the nuxeo-login-platform package, specifically the handleRedirectToValidStartPage function in the file, the issue that occurs is the line where it states

session.setAttribute(NXAuthConstants.START_PAGE_SAVE_KEY, NuxeoAuthenticationFilter.DEFAULT_START_PAGE+ "?loginRedirection=true");

Once it reaches that line, the link returs as an unknown page, with the link


which returns with all the headers and side panel. In the themeCellFrame box, it only displays the Summary and History tabs with nothing displaying.

So how can I fix this issue?

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