Shibboleth Logout loops back to login


I am running Nuxeo 7.10 with shibboleth-authentication-2.3.4 addon. Login via Shibboleth works fine, but logout, once performed at the Shibboleth SP, brings the user back to the /nuxeo/nxstartup.faces?forceAnonymousLogin=true URL that initiates a login workflow again.

I noticed this bug fix but I still have the same behaviour with HF18 applied.

Any clue why the redirect URL after logout includes forceAnonymousLogin=true that seem to force user authentication? Any way to change this behaviour in config/shibboleth-login-config.xml? elsewhere?

Thank you for your help.

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I had no feedback regarding this issue.

I also tried to file a bug in Nuxeo's JIRA, but did not figure out how to get a JIRA account. Are JIRA accounts limited to corporate customers or is it provided to the open source community?

Thank you

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