/nuxeo/site/automation and shibboleth support

I'm using shibboleth with nuxeo.

The ETL team tells me we are going to need nuxeo console for loading content.

/nuxeo/site/automation does not seem to support shibboleth. When I try to go to this URL, directly, it prompts me for a shibboleth password, and then it pops up a browser dialog like it is doing basic or digest auth.

Any advice for me on how to use this and shibboleth at the same time? Do I just need to tweak the shibboleth conf so that this URL does not not require shibboleth login and then fall back to a native nuxeo account?

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Hi Brian,

I m not sure why you would need the console to load content into Nuxeo. Is your ETL team aware of the mule connector?

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