[nuxeo drive] What URL's are used by drive?

Hi there,

We are working with an SSO integration using the proxy login. However we want to use nuxeo drive as well, I think in order to make this work we need to keep some url's out of the SSO (so they would use the basic authentication instead).

Examining the code on github shows me a rest client but also an automation client. So this would mean it uses both:

  • [nuxeourl]/nuxeo/api/v1/
  • [nuxeourl]/nuxeo/site/automation/

Is this correct and are there more url's I haven't found yet?

Thanks in advance, Bauke Roo

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The Rest API client is only used fo test purpose. I think Drive should work with your SSO config, as the authentication chain used for /automation calls is different from the one used for other URL patterns.

Depends if you have overridden the “Automation” specificAutomationChain or not.

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Thanks for you answer, I will check this tomorrow. In our current situation navigating to [nuxeourl]/site/automation redirects to our sso login page (this is done by apache, and results in files containing the html of the login page instead of the actual file) so I have to remove this redirection. I will get back tomorrow on this :-)

There was still one url missing: "nxbigfile/default/" this is used to download blobs

Yes you're right :)