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Hi !
I have recently made the update from Nuxeo 5.8 to Nuxeo 6.0. Before that when I changed of tab on the virtual navigation, I was redirected to the root document of the tree. To do that I overriden the tree_explorer_with_virtual_navigation.xhtml and modified the action called. It looked like this:
`public String setSelectedNavigationTreeAndNavigate(final String selectedNavigationTree) {

    try {
        return navigateToFirstChild(selectedNavigationTree);
    } catch (final ClientException e) {
        // raf
    return null;
But the Nuxeo 6.0 changes everything and I don't know how to do that again.  
Have you an idea ?
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I try to use the method onCurrentTreeChange(String category, String tabId) from MultiNavTreeManager to redirect. I try with the navigationContextBean, with the operation Navigate or with the OperationHelper.getWebActions().setCurrentTabAndNavigate() method but it doesn't work. Does it come from the fact that the type of the method is void ? Should I try from the xhtml files ?

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