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We are having a problem with our Nuxeo 6.0 implementation where users not able to login. They are presented with the Login screen, however when they login they get an error message saying: “This web page has a redirect loop”.

We are running Nuxeo 6.0 on Linux with Java 1.7.0_06-b24 and 4GB heap size with 8GB of server memory with an Oracle 11g database.

Restarting the server seems to work for about a week but now it is happening multiple times a day.

thanks Peter

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Please also note that your Java version is extremely old and should be upgraded asap (if only for security fixes). Nuxeo 6 with hotfixes supports Java 8.

I suffered from this problem due to a duplicated user in the database. Perhaps caused by Nuxeo upgrade/migration or Active Directory reinstallation. After the duplicated record was correctly removed by hand we haven't experienced more this issue. Check also the permissions for the user experiencing the loop. Or is it happenning to all users? Even admins?

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This problem is happening for all users.

Some of your connection pools might be full and you may need to increase the size. See

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