How to modify the form after a long drag'n drop ?

I well understood if I drag'n drop with a pause or not on the active zone, the behavior is different as explained here.

I modify the default document created after a drag'n drop as following:

  • Into the “Manage” tab of my workspace > Local Configuration
  • I enabled Document types configurations
  • I choose my document type as “Default Type”

I would like know adapt the drag'n drop behavior to let me define the form to display after a “long” drag'n drop.

Please help me.

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With studio, this is quite simple:

Contribute in Advanced Settings > XML Extensions

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService"
 <action id="Chain.FileManager.ImportWithMetaDataInSeam"
      order="30" label=""

yourschema is the name of the schema defined into your doc type (value in your Schema, in the prefix field).

Then create a Layout in Search And Listings > Layout that you will name dndEdit. The form you will display must be deinfed into the Creation Layout tab, and metadata can be defined in only one schema.

Hope this will help you.

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I used the above script, but returned the following error:

/ layouts / layout_listing_ajax_template.xhtml 146.59 @ value = “# { ['dc'] ['title']}“: Target Unreachable, 'data' returned null on 'java.util.HashMap'

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