adding a tab/action in header links not working


i am trying to add a tab in the main header links , similar to Document Management or admin center.

My understanding is that this should be done when you add an action and choose the category. So i chose header links, but it is showing in the user menu action, after logout, and not in the header.

I am doing the configurations via studio and using Nuxeo 5.6.

Is there another way to add a tab to the header?

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Noone has any ideas on the question? Any suggestion would be really welcome


That kind of action is not customizable with Studio in 5.6. These actions also require additional configuration so that the context is restored correctly when switching from one main tab to the other.

Depending on what you'd like to do, this might be possible using only XML extensions, though, maybe you'd like to check how it's done for the admin center link, for instance.

Here are some pointers (look at the “home” action and url pattern):

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