How to remove a default Contextual Action ?

I've found a way to add contextual action in User action, by setting the category 'Contextual action' and manage its enablement properly. As explained here :

But I can't find where to remove some existing ones ( the 'like' button for example ) For default tabs, we can disable them in the document type with the “Default tabs filtering” panel.

Is there a “Default contextual action filtering” panel somewhere ?

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This cannot be done in a friendly way with Studio right now, it's more focused on adding things than disabling default ones, but future improvements may handle that kind of use case.

The easiest to disable an action globally is to add an “XML extension”, find what the id of the original action is (you can use the explorer for that, for instance have a look at contributions to the actions service, more specifically actions from the rating module).

Here is a sample conf to disable the “like” action (not tested):

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService"
  <action id="documentLike" enabled="false" />
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It worked for the like button, I'll look for the ids of other action I need to remove. Thanks !