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I have defined a custom document in Java which works perfectly. How can I add a “Summary” tab? My code is not working.

 <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService" point="actions">
  <action id="TAB_VIEW_FOLDERISH" link="/incl/tabs/document_view.xhtml" order="11" label="action.view.summary" icon="/icons/file.gif">
      <filter id="viewTabForFolderish">
        <rule grant="true">
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Did you see your contribution registered?

You must see in logs something like:

Component activated: theNameOfYourComponent

Is your component name unique?

Do you have ERROR or WARN in logs around this contribution?

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Fixed. I removed the folderlish facet and granted the TAB_VIEW

Your document type can be a folderish and have this tab displayed… Your contribution seems good. Maybe the name of the component was duplicated that will explain your contribution was not deployed. But if it's good for you it's good enough :)