Icons on the user center tabs

Since the migration from Nuxeo 5.8 to Nuxeo 6.0 I don't have icons on the tabs of the user center.
What my User center looks like now
I add new entry in the user center it like this:

<action id="UABDF" link="/incl/view_ua_config.xhtml" label="Configuration des UA"
    icon="/icons/gear_information.png" order="260">

There is no problem with the path of the icon.
I find this in collections-actions-contrib.xml from Nuxeo code source and it looks like my action contrib:

<action id="Collections" link="/user_center_fragment.xhtml" label="user.center.collections"
  order="80" icon="/icons/collection_tab.png">
    <property name="alwaysDisplaySubTabs">true</property>

Can anyone help me please ?

FILES:   snapshot.jpg
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Found it !
I redefined the widget “hometabs” in a widget-contrib.xml and remove the action display “links” which displays only the text.

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.WebLayoutManager"

        <widget name="homeTabs" type="tabs">
          <properties mode="view">
            <property name="addForm">true</property>
            <property name="useAjaxForm">#{useAjaxTabs}</property>
            <property name="category">USER_CENTER</property>
            <property name="actions">#{userCenterViews.availableActions}</property>
            <property name="currentTabAction">#{userCenterViews.currentView}</property>
            <property name="overallDisplay">vertical_block</property>
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