add contentViewEditColumns to custom contentview

I want to add the below button to my content view, i've added this action

<action icon="/icons/edit_columns.png" id="contentViewEditColumns" label="label.contentview.edit.columns" order="80" type="fancybox">
        <property name="include">
        <property name="addForm">true</property>
        <property name="ajaxSupport">true</property>

in actions-contrib.xml but i don't know where to add it in my code . I've attached the button i want to add and my contentviews-contrib.xml Any help would be appreciated


I've found how to add the button , i added this showEditColumns="true" but now i'm facing another problem , the popup is empty . How can I have my custom type's fields in the popup ? I've attached a screenshot of what i'm having after clicking on the edit columns button

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