ERROR: facelet not found at <custom.xhtml>


We encounter an error on Nuxeo 8.10 while using a custom plugin.

We've been using Nuxeo 5.6 for a few years with a custom personalization plugin. This plugin offers many features, and since our upgrade from 5.6 to 8.10 one of them doesn't work anymore. This feature add an 'Archive' button near the 'Delete' button of a file, and a custom tab 'Archive' when inside a directory, so the users can access the archived files. Since the upgrade, the Archive button still works but when we open the Archive tab, we get the following error: ERROR:facelet not found at '/tabs/tab_archive_file.xhtml'.

This xhtml file is in our plugin JAR, under web/nuxeo.war/tabs. The plugin is located in /opt/nuxeo/server/nxserver/plugins on our Nuxeo server. Here is the corresponding code for the tab:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService" point="actions">
    <action id ="ArchiveFile" link="/tabs/tab_archive_file.xhtml" order="40" label="Archive">
        <filter id="filter@tab@ArchiveFile">
            <rule grant="true">
                <type>DirectoryPersonalized</type> <!-- a personalized directory from our custom plugin -->

And here is the xhtml file:

<div class=“summary”

<a4j:region id="documentViewRegion">  
    <a4j:outputPanel id="documentViewPanel" layout="block">  
        <nxl:layout value="#{currentDocument}" mode="view" name="ArchivePilotagePalier@tabLayout" />  

Why aren't this working anymore since the version upgrade?

Thanks for your attention!

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Could you check that the xhtml file is actually present at the expected location /opt/nuxeo/server/nxserver/nuxeo.war/tabs/tab_archive_file.xhtml after your server is started.