Nuxeo Studio DM Default configuration altered "Folder" document type

A new definition of document types is included in “Studio Nuxeo DM Default configuration”. After (auto)installing this template, some of the changes in Studio are not active on existing documents. Everything happens as if the two types of documents (old and new) existed now.

For example, it is impossible for me to change the colors of icons. By default, after modification by the studio, the folder icons are orange while the old folder icons remain yellow. I encounter similar (more serious!) problems with layouts changes.

How to fix these problems?

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STUDIO->Settings&Versiong->Application Templates->Nuxeo DM Default configuration [EASY] says :
“This template is ideal to start with Studio customization and understand how it works. It redefines all the mainexisting types: File, Workspace, Folder, Domain and the lifecycle, the main content views… It is usually imported automatically the first time you have access to your Nuxeo Studio project.“

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I found the cause of my problems…
….in the Nuxeo Studio documentation (sorry for the inconvenience !) :

Deployment mode: This is particularly useful when you declare from Studio a document type that already exists in the default product, for instance “Folder”, or “File”. When the contribution generated by Studio is deployed on Nuxeo DM (for instance when you click on “Update” from Admin Center), either you want to delete the previous definition, and use only what was defined from Studio (override), or you just want to “complete” the definition from what you configured in Studio (merge). Concrete exemple is: by default, an Icon is defined for Folder document type. If you redefine the folder document type from Studio and don't configure the Icon and Big Icon attributes, then if you select override for Deployment mode, your folders won't have any icon, while if you select “merge”, they will keep the icon that was originally defined.

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