How to display subwidget's label of a widget List when empty

Hello everyone,

I am trying to change the display of one widget. Here is my configuration on studio:

  • Widget type “List” - Display “Table” on a complex multivalued field. With “Hide Label” checked and “Hide subwidgets labels” at “No”.

Here is what I see when i log on to the plateform:

  • View mode (all i can see is a bar, not showing the user there's tons of things to fill in here) View mode
  • Edit mode (here is what I would like to have on view mode! Well without the “Add” button of ) Edit mode

I would like to see on view mode, even when my field is empty, subwidgets labels.

How can I achieve that ? Is there an existing “custom properties” for this ?

Thank for your answer.

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Hi, When there are no values to display in view mode, the widget will not show subwidget labels. You can always take example on the original xhtml template to reference a custom template changing the behaviour. Depending on your target version, you can find the original file at for 8.10 for instance. Note l.59:

ui:fragment rendered="#{displaySubLabels and (isEditMode or not empty fieldOrValue)}"

I suggest that you rename the template to avoid overriding the behaviour of the widget in all cases.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your answer, I'll try that !

Tried it and it's working, thanks ! However I didn't change the template name, so I'm overriding the behaviour (because I want this behaviour to apply in all cases and also because I wasn't sure on how to use it if I renamed it)