MVEL and Nuxeo : access multi valued complex property


i have a document type with a multi valued complex field (validation). The widget is in edit mode, but i don t want the user to be able to delete existing values, just add new ones. I guess i have to use some MVEL condition about the display mode of the subwidget but i lack documentation about the use of MVEL in Nuxeo : Syntax of MVEL itself but also what objects can be adressed, etc.


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MVEL is only used in automation operations. Layouts only handle standard EL expressions.

If you'd like the delete buttons to be removed, i'm afraid you'll have to define a new widget template: the current list widget always displays delete buttons, but that would be a nice improvement to make this configurable.

You can take example on the original widget template at Search for “remove” to get the link that should be hidden in your case.


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Thx for the clarification about EL / MVEL