Can we configure Nuxeo IDE hot reload?

We have changed nuxeo plugin folder structure a bit. Now the hierarchy goes like this:

| bin (it contains our nuxeo jar build scripts)
config (our plugin configuration files)
|_ plugin (now this is the folder where the actual nuxeo plugin folder structure goes)

| bin
|_ pom.xml

We are able to generate nuxeo plugin uxing ant script; but how can we use nuxeo hot reload facility. Is there anyway we can confgiure it to use our classpath scheme?

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In your eclipse, add the nuxeo nature to your project. At this moment, the project classpath is not well restored. You should edit it manually in eclipse for restoring your projects and third parties dependencies. Once this solved, you should be able to associate it in the nuxeo deployment view.

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Slacoin thanks for your reply; when I added nuxeo nature to my project, it created main and test empty folders in bin (thats no issue). But after adding nature, neither the nuxeo build jar utility worked fine nor the hot deploy worked.

My question is that is there anyway I can tell Nuxeo IDE hot deploy facility to point to plugin folder where the actual nuxeo plugin files (bin, src, pom.xml) are present.


If the bin folders are empty, this explain why nothing is hot-reloaded. Do you let eclipse automatically rebuild your projects ? If not not, did you build your pro ject ?

Can you upload your project on site and give me the chosen location ? I will have a look.