Programatically Sync Platform with Studio


We are looking into building Nuxeo Dev machines using vagrant and ansible.

Once we have the Nuxeo Instance installed, we need to sync this with the Studio configuration.

Please can you advise the following:

  1. Can we pull the Studio jar directly from the Studio git repo?
  2. Once we have the jar, what are the install steps? Do we really just need the jar to be in the plugins folder?
  3. How do we synchronise the database with the new Studio configuration?

Thanks, Lynn

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  1. Not from the Studio Git repo but from the Studio Maven repo: “…“. See Studio/Maven+Integration.
  2. Yes. But it's easier to use the Studio Marketplace Package rather than the Studio Bundle. See below.
  3. All is automatically done on server start or bundle reload.

As mentioned on ADMINDOC/Updating+your+Instance+with+Studio+Configuration, the easier is to pull the Studio Marketplace Package using nuxeoctl's mp-* commands rather than pulling the JAR bundle. For instance: “./bin/nuxeoctl mp-install my-studio-project-1.0” will download the Studio package into the server cache and install its bundle into the right directory.

You can also simply write your Nuxeo Studio project name in a file “${}/installAfterRestart.log” and, if your instance is properly registered, it will be downloaded and installed at server start.

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Hi Julien,

Thanks very much for this response. The package install sounds great - exactly the functionality that I'm looking for.

Can you advise how to run this? When I try the mp-install command I get an error message to say that the server is already running. I thought it would download the package and this can then be installed on the restart?

Do I have to run three commands? Stop, install and start?

Thanks, Lynn


Hello Lynn,

Yes, since the mp-install could potentially modify the jars for a running server, it requires the server to be stopped first, so the sopt/mp-install/start cycle is probably what you need.