Nuxeo drive synchronization behaivior.

I have questions about the specifics of Nuxeo Drive synchronization. I am using an Ubuntu 12.04 server and a Windows 8 client. The installation is pretty close to stock, just the DM module, the Outlook sync module, and drive.

Drive synchronization works great from the server to the client. When I make changes on the server they are pushed to the client immediately.

If I make a change on the client, the change is not pushed to the server until I make a change on the server. It seems as though the client never initiates a synchronization.

The docs list the sync as bidirectional and they also say that when the internet connection is restored the client syncs to the server. I stopped my internet connection and restarted it but no synch was initiated.

Can anybody shed light on the expected behavior? Can I make the client initiate a sync periodically?

Thanks! Sid

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