Nuxeo Drive doesn't uploaded new files created on own PC

With nuxeo-5.6.0-HF23-1.0.0 and nuxeo-drive-1.0.4 new files created on own PC (insite the synchronized repository (C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Documents) “Nuxeo Drive”) are not up uploaded to the nuxeo platform.

Here a part of this web page : Adding a new document in a Drive-synchronized folder from your computer will create the document in the Platform workspace at the next synchronization (immediately if you're connected to the Internet or the next time you're online if you currently don't have an Internet access). The document's title is the name of the original file, and no metadata is filled in.

It was OK some weeks ago.

HWould you have the same problem ? And a solution ?

Thanks for answers

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Thanks for this answer but the new file is in the good Nuxeo Drive directory on PC.

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In which folder did you put your documents exactly? If you copy them directly in “Nuxeo Drive”, it won't work, since you have first to enable Drive synchronization in a Nuxeo folder. If you do so, the synchronized folder will then appear in “Nuxeo Drive” and let you upload files in it.

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