How can I synchronize folder with Nuxeo Drive and Web UI?

Hello all,

I'm trying to configure a new Folder (Root) to Synchronize files through Nuxeo Drive. I already installed Nuxeo Drive in my client machine and in the server, which runs WEB UI, nuxeo server 10.10.

When opening the Nuxeo Drive Client on Windows, it shows up a popup and says that I don't have any synchronized folder associated with my account. Then, I went to my server, opened the web ui and looked for Nuxeo Drive under user settings. It says: “You currently don't have any synchronization roots.”

I tried to browse my folders and look for a icon to add it to the synchronization list, but can't find any like that. How can I do that? How can I add a folder (synchronization root) to be synchronized?

Cheers, Carlos G.

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Don't you have that icon when you browse a folder on Web-UI?

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Thank you for your answer. Anyway, I reinstalled the package and the sync button was shown. Bad luck on the first install, maybe.

How long it will take to sync folder? I have clicked sync button and selected the folders from Nuxeo drive client, still none of the files are reflected in local machine

It's strange, sync folder works after i restarted Nuxeo client