Pending operation in Nuxeo Drive

In my nuxeo drive there are always pending operations even when I leave the synchronization running for a couple of days without adding or changing documents.

I went to nxdrivelog and found an entry indicating trouble sync a file, solve that manually for the other I can't find what is pending, the only info in the log is the following:

2013-12-13 11:52:07,828 2423 4467986432 DEBUG nxdrive.gui.application 8 pending operations for: /Users/juliocoelho/Nuxeo Drive 2013-12-13 11:52:07,828 2423 140735274959632 DEBUG nxdrive.gui.application Updated icon state to: transferring

My question is, where can I find information on what operations are pending in nuxeo drive?


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You can try resetting Drive by quititng it, deleting .nuxeo-drive then re-launching Drive. It might solve your problem, if it doesn't, then you should see the problematic files appear in the logs, searching for ERROR lines. Then you can probably fix them by quitting Drive, deleting the file on one side or the other, then re-launching Drive.

Hope this helps.

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