Nuxeo Drive on XP

On the Windows XP there is a path problem:

2013-07-03 07:41:43,125 1596 956 ERROR    nxdrive.gui.application Error in synchronization thread: No row was found for one()
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "nuxeo-drive-client\nxdrive\gui\", line 73, in sync_loop
File "nuxeo-drive-client\nxdrive\", line 1161, in loop
File "nuxeo-drive-client\nxdrive\", line 1329, in update_synchronize_server
File "nuxeo-drive-client\nxdrive\", line 403, in scan_remote
File "C:\Users\nuxeo\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python27\site-packages\sqlalchemy\orm\", line 2179, in one
NoResultFound: No row was found for one()

but the start of the path is not “C:\Users" on Windows XP.

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I checked that the problem is not the path.

The problem was in the nxdrive.db file. When I removed it, drive started working.

I think your problem is you installed a first version of drive and you override this version with a new one. Between these two version the database that stores state of the synchronization changed.

Removing nxdriver.db reinitialize it. We plan to manage a version of the database as soon as possible.

See here:

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Exactly, the problem was ND failure login with CAS2 and after that when I came back to standard login the database was improper.