Can a Nuxeo Studio project be packaged inside a marketplace package?

I have successfully created a marketplace package containing custom extension code, and a JAR for our studio project. However, installing these two together takes many manual steps, as it seems that using the Admin interface to upload/install the extension and restart reverts the Studio project, and updating the Studio project inactivates the marketplace package.

Is it possible to declare the Studio project as a dependency of the marketplace package, and upload the entire customization in one package with mp-install? Most comments about deploying a studio JAR to Nuxeo involve copying it to nxserver manually and restarting, but is it OK to include it in a marketplace package?



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Depending on your needs and build process, you have two solutions:

  • Package your Studio artifacts in your marketplace packages:
    See this documentation on how to add a maven dependency on your Studio project.

  • Add a dependency on your studio project in your marketplace package manifest:
    You can use the marketplace dependency mechanism since Studio projects are also exposed as marketplace packages as long as your instance is correctly registered. See this for the syntax to add a dependency to your package.
    The package name to use for your Studio project in this case is your Studio project ID, which you can see in Settings & Versioning -> Project Settings in Studio.

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Thank you – the first option is working for me as far as I can tell. :)