Apache https questions

If you saw my other thread, you'll know I'm doing the front end webserver as IIS. I'm not a linux or Apache guy so… Reading through the https Apache info, am I correct that:

Https is only configured in Apache?
You only load the cert to Apache?
You don't have to enable 8443 in nuxeo/tomcat?
Where the documentation says: 'RequestHeader append nuxeo-virtual-host “https://myDomainName/“' this is done in Apache?

I think this is it. Hopefully will help lead to a solution. Currently the cert is installed in IIS and bound to 443. Have the {http_host} configured and https:// works, but once you log in the internal paths are written as http as opposed to https and the browsers are complaining about loading unsecured content, since a full https rewrite isn't happening yet…

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This is correct, Apache is the https endpoint then is reverse-proxying to nuxeo in http on the localhost interface. (it does not have to be done that way, but that is what we found was the simplest).

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Thanks. Went through lots of files, configs, etc. only to realize all that needed to be done in IIS was to replace {HTTP_HOST} in the url rewrite, with my https://websitename.org and it worked.

Pretty easy once it's no longer clear as mud.

Thanks again.