nuxeo-signature : Add signature via smartcard


i want to add function for add signature from smartcard to the document(s). So:


  • Configure, per user, to use specific driver to read smartcard


  • Select document (or documents inside directory)
  • View for add pin (or password) and other options
  • Start sign

In this way we need to “select” 2 way to sign document:

  • using the “nuxeo way” based on CA and cert from this CA
  • using the “universal way” using smartcard

I have the code to manage the driver, select the cert, sign etc but i need help to integrate it in the nuxeo-signature.

Can you provide some tips or something else? I have little knowledge about Nuxeo IDE, OSGi framework and Nuxeo contribution points.

Thank you

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We also need to sign from USB or smartcard the concept is the same? What should we develop in order to do that? Java applet that call the private key in the client side?

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I also have the same question, i went through Nuxeo IDE, what is your opionion? Do we need a Java applet to confirm the private key stored in the smart card?

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Hi yayo,

The first advice I can give you is to go through Nuxeo IDE documentation.

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