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I am having some difficulty replacing the sample digital signature certificate with my new self signed one. I am somewhat new to Nuxeo, so they may be rudimentary questions, but here they are: 1) In the documentation, it mentions to create a config file named config.xml. My assumption is that “” can be whatever name I wish to give it, such as “dsigconfig.xml”? Is this assumption correct? 2) Second question is the path within the xml file to give to locate the Root Keystore Path. The sample shows . Should this be the path that I used Keytool in Java to create my JKS file? Thanks

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1) The file name should follow this convention:


so a valid name would be for instance:


(I have updated the documentation to include this example)

2) The keystore file path can be either a relative path inside the jar containing the signature implementation classes (e.g. nuxeo-platform-signature-core-5.5.jar):


or an absolute path pointing to where you saved your keystore file:


in windows the absolute path should resemble something like this:

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Thank you for this answer. I only have one question. What is the best command to use to generate an initial keystore, if one has not been set up ( I would like to set the path for it) ?