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Hi community.

I am trying to create a blob provider to be able to have my files stored in OpenStack Swift. I extended the class AbstractCloudBinaryManager and implemented the main methods there. I packaged the class and all the dependencies into a jar file. I read several pages in nuxeo documentation and although they provide some configuration snippet I never found a complete reference on what files I need to create, where to put them etc, etc.

Questions: Where should I copy the jar file in the server? How can I configure my nuxeo instance to use the new blob provider? Is there any documentation specifying step by step what to do, to install a custom blob provider?

Thanks in advance.

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The JAR should be placed in nxserver/bundles or nxserver/plugins. Your blob provider configuration should override the default one at the top of nxserver/config/default-repository-config.xml You should not overwrite this file though, read about configuration templates here and contributing to extension points here

Finally, note that there is already code for a Switf binary manager in Nuxeo, see

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