Failed to find create layout for Portfolio

Hi guys,

I was taking a training class and trying to setup some configuration in Nuxeo Studio. Performing a hot reload + clean cache, didn't work. I had to download the package (.jar) from Studio and copy it manually to nxserver/bundles folder, however, when I create a workspace using localhost:8080 and then a Portfolio folder I receive the following error:

404 NOT FOUND http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/ui//document/portfolio/nuxeo-portfolio-create-layout.html Failed to find create layout for Portfolio.

With that, I have two questions:

1) Why do I have to manually copy the .jar file to bundles folder to make it “working” 2) What could I do to understand what is going on? I'm getting the following error in background (I don't know if they are related): 2021-03-02T00:42:32,380 WARN [ESDocumentHistoryPageProvider] No core session found: cannot compute all info to get complete audit entries

Thanks, Ciro

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Actually the 404 error happens because I had issues with the layout created in studio… just fixed that, however, my hot reload functionality is not working and I have to do it manually downloading the .jar file to bundles folder… let me know if anyone has any tips here.


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Do you have dev mode enabled in your nuxeo.conf folder?

Thanks for your reply Lara… yes… this is what I have in my nuxeo.conf (and my hot-reload was installed directly from chrome store): org.nuxeo.runtime.reload_strategy=standby


Hey Ciro, I have the same problem, the 404 for the layout of a view. Could you elaborate on how you solved that issue?