Local nuxeo registered, running, however not reflecting workspace from studio

Hi guys,

I have created a docker image to run Nuxeo 11.4.42. I was able to register (typing my username, token and the project in studio) and start it, however, when accessing localhost:8080 it seems it is an empty project, but if I access studio, I can see a document type created… it seems like it is not reflecting locally.

I have already checked nxserver/bundles folder and copied the jar file (downloading from studio) to the folder directly as an alternative and it didn't work… any tips on what I can do?

Thanks, Ciro

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Check the following:

  • Studio App Definition info are matching what is on the server (server verison and addons)
  • nuxeoctl mp-list and check the Studio package has been deployed
  • Check server.log

With all that, it shoudl be OK

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