"Document Management" Link Does Nothing for some users.

I am having an issue with the “Document Management” link which seems to be related to permissions.

If anyone from the Admin group or Members group logs in, then the “Document Management” link works and the “Document Management” interface is displayed.

However, I have a group (let's call it “DOG”) with more restrictive permissions (I do not want members of DOG to see anything except one specific “Section” (let's call it “DOG DOCS”).

I have removed rights inheritance for all sections and managing right locally. I have granted the DOG group READ access to “Default Domain”, READ access to “Sections”, and READ access to “DOG DOCS”.

I have created a user (let's call him “Collie”) and added him to the “DOG” group.

I have created a document (let's call it “test”) in the “DOG DOCS” section.

When I log in as “Collie”, I see my dashboard. When I click “Document Management” I still see my dashboard (the Document Management interface is not displayed).

However, if I type “test” in the quick search box and click “search”, Nuxeo finds the “test” document and provides a link. When I click the link, I get access to the document and the “Document Management” interface is finally displayed.

My question is; If “Collie” obviously has read access to all the appropriate folders/content, then why doesn't the “Document Management” link work straight away after login?

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The dashboard enables you to have this kind of behavior: using the different gadgets, users can browse and access documents outside the tree structure.

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Thank you, Solen. During my testing, I did add “Collie” to the members group and it worked as you describe, however then “Collie” could see everything (all spaces) and it seemed like a lot of work to go through and configure each space manually to prevent this. However, if this is the only way to make it work, then I will do it.

Having said that, it seems to me rather restrictive that users must belong to one of the built-in groups. It would make more sense for Nuxeo to look at the user's group membership and the group(s) access rights to various spaces and then simply build a document management view accordingly.

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Is “Collie” in the members group? Users need to be in either the “administrators” or “members” group, or one their subgroups. This is required to be able to browse the Document Management UI correctly. You can add your “DOG” group as a sub-group of members so they can browse the Document Management UI. And what you need to do is block rights inheritance on the spaces you don't want them to see (Templates and Workspaces).

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