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I found this question already asked, but not solved: So I will ask it again. Given the section, which I gave an explicit permissions “Read” and “CanAskForPublishing” to a user (not to a group he is member of, to avoid groups issues), the user still can't publish to that location. According to the documentation (, that would be sufficient to submit a document for publishing. I must give Read/Write access to the section to let a user to publish into that section. Is the “CanAskForPublishing” right deprecated for LTS2019 and webui?

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I've reproduced the issue, and this is a bug. I've created a JIRA ticket to solve it It looks like we are not checking for the right permissions in If you want to walkaround the issue:

  • Either use Edit permissions
  • Or override the element


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Hi, Gregory! Thanks for your quick answer! Let me clarify, please. Your first suggestion - do you mean to use Read/Write permission (which I did) or to edit the presets of permissions? Your second suggestion - overriding the element, I guess the problem is in the line 213: var hasPermission = this.hasPermission(this.publishSpace, 'AddChildren');. What would be the correct string (permission name) here? Is it CanAskForPublishing or anything else? Should I do any other corrections to override successfully? Thanks in advance!

Hi, my first suggestion was simply to use Edit whereas it should expect Read + CanAskForPublishing. I think you will have side effects of moving addChildren property (linked to Write permission from–permissions) to Read. Thinking about the way to update the current publication window, I might disable the default one, create a copy of the nuxeo-internal-publish.html element (rename it), update the line in error, then create a new button in the Document Actions slot.

Hi again Gregory, maybe it's just my version of nuxeo, but there are Read, ReadWrite, Everything and CanAskFoPublishing by default, no Edit permissions (look at the permissions.jpg). And if I decide to override nuxeo-internal-publish module, how should I update the wrong line? Would changing AddChildren to CanAskForPublishing be ok?