Question about the publication and rights


I have some workspaces and publication spaces. Users have different rights on this spaces.
My workspaces :

  • A (User X has a reading right)
  • A1 (User X has a writing right)
  • A2
  • B (User Y has a writing right)

My sections :

  • S1 (User X has a reading right)
  • S1-1
  • S1-2
  • S2 (User Y has a reading right)

How can user Y publish in section S1-1 ? What access right give him ? I tested with write access on S1-1 for user Y but he can't see this section.

Perhaps it's not the good functioning ?

Thanks in advance !

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Hi Delphine,

From what I understand, you section 1-1 is under section 1 ? In that case you need read access on section 1 to access section 1-1 as, in the publication tab, you unfold the sections to get to the one you want, so you need read access on the full tree down to the section you need. This behaviour is probably not ideal, but is not a bug :)

Given your permission example the solution could be to give the reading permission for Y on section1 (and section 1-1 by inheritance) and in the WS B, restrict the publication target to 1-1 in the manage tab of the ws.

Hope it helps


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Thanks for your answer. So if I want to restrict the reading rights I have to create sub-directory with this restriction.

A last question : if I want restrict the publication right to 1-1, I have to delete the publication right on sections S1 and S2, and add the publication right on S1.1 ?

Thanks in advance :D



From what I understand from your description, user Y should be able to submit documents from workspace B to publication in section S1-1. However, he cannot submit documents from workspaces A, A1 and A2.

The rights required to be able to submit a document for publication are:

  • Write in the workspace where the document is created (here that would be workspace B),
  • and Read in the section in which the user wants to publish. On a standard Nuxeo application, members are all granted “read” right at the application's root by default. So, if you haven't block the rights inheritance, user Y has Read on section S1-1.

The documentation on publishing is here:

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