Session.saveDocument doesn't seem to store?

hi all, i'm creating a custom operation that aims to take a blob (xml-file) and create a document with the blob attached and some of the metadata filled from the xml-file. I'm using this operation via the Automation API to upload a xml-file and have the document auto-created. It all seems to work fine, except that the document doesn't appear in the webUI and when i try to access it via the Automation interface (for a subsequent Blob.Attach) I get a 404 Not Found response. So I must be doing something wrong here. The java code i have is below, it's roughly based on Document.Create and Blob.Attach:

@Operation(id=APAS_CreatePlate.ID, category=Constants.CAT_SERVICES, label="APAS_CreatePlate", description="")
public class APAS_CreatePlate {

    public static final String ID = "APAS_CreatePlate";

    protected CoreSession session;

    @Param(name = "folder", required = true)
    protected DocumentModel m_parent;

    public DocumentModel run(Blob input) throws ClientException {
        // first create the document model for type Plate
        DocumentModel newPlate = session.createDocumentModel(m_parent.getPathAsString(), "Plate", "Plate");
        try {
            <<-- snipped away some JAXB init code -->>
            // create xml reader
            XMLStreamReader xsr = xif.createXMLStreamReader(new StringReader(input.getString()));
            Plate xmlPlate = (Plate)jaxbUnmarshaller.unmarshal(xsr, Plate.class).getValue();

            Properties props = new Properties();
            props.put("plate:sample_type", xmlPlate.getSampleType());
            // TODO the other relevant properties
            DocumentHelper.setProperties(session, newPlate, props);
            DocumentHelper.addBlob(newPlate.getProperty("file:content"), input);
            DocumentModel doc = session.createDocument(newPlate);
            return session.saveDocument(doc);
        } <<-- snipped exception handling -->>

Now when using this code via the URL and JSON payload (and the attached blob of course):

{"params":{"folder": "c5667b68-f712-42ec-a814-fa211e8c89dd"}

I get a JSON response:

    "versionLabel": "0.0", 
    "changeToken": "1385697404589", 
    "uid": "33a41d27-528a-46f2-9e89-8fd60e430930", 
    "repository": "default", 
    "title": "Plate", 
    "lastModified": "2013-11-29T03:56:44.58Z", 
    "facets": [
    "entity-type": "document", 
    "state": "project", 
    "isCheckedOut": true, 
    "contextParameters": {}, 
    "path": "/default-domain/workspaces/amp/plates/Plate", 
    "type": "Plate"

Which seems to indicate to me the document has been created just fine. However, it is apparently not stored, because the next invocation gives the 404:

{"params":{"document": "33a41d27-528a-46f2-9e89-8fd60e430930","xpath": "plate:top_image"}

Can anyone suggest a way forward for me?

Cheers! Chris

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Ok, I found my problem, which was as usual between keyboard and chair unfortunately.

I had an event-handler on the document created event that pushed a document property into a context variable and my create function didn't set that property so the SetContextVariable operation crashed on that (bit surprised at that, I would have expected it to just push null into the context variable, but ok). And apparently that caused the saving of the document to fail utterly.

I've now made sure that property always contains a non-null value and everything works fine. Thanks adam_bo and Florent for thinking with me

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Try to use the method:

doc = session.saveDocument(doc);;
return doc;
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Also note that if you call session.createDocument you don't need to follow it immediately with session.saveDocument.

Tried but it doesn't make a difference. Any other logging i should check to see where an error may occur?