Why are my custom page structure changes not updating the galaxy, userCenter and admin themes?

I updated the page structures for the galaxy, userCenter and admin themes. I declared these structure changes to the theme service using the themes extension point in my theme-contrib.xml file:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.theme.services.ThemeService" point="themes">

I turned on the DEBUG mode in the lib/log4j.xml

<category name="org.nuxeo.theme">
  <priority value="DEBUG" />

The log/server.log file indicates that the theme is being registered as well as overriding a previous theme…

DEBUG  [org.nuxeo.theme.types.TypeRegistry] Registered theme THEME: themes/document-management.xml
DEBUG  [org.nuxeo.theme.types.TypeRegistry] Overriding theme THEME: themes/document-management.xml
DEBUG  [org.nuxeo.theme.types.TypeRegistry] Registered theme THEME: themes/user-center.xml
DEBUG  [org.nuxeo.theme.types.TypeRegistry] Overriding theme THEME: themes/user-center.xml
DEBUG  [org.nuxeo.theme.types.TypeRegistry] Registered theme THEME: themes/admin-center.xml
DEBUG  [org.nuxeo.theme.types.TypeRegistry] Overriding theme THEME: themes/admin-center.xml

But these page structures do not get overridden unless I rename the xml files to something other than document-management.xml, user-center.xml, admin-center.xml. Only then are these changes reflected in the browser.

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That looks like a bug. Feel free to create a JIRA issue.


Thanks for your feedback. Created new Jira issue here… https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-11071