drag´n Drop doesnt works on IE

i have problem with Drag N Drop. past days it was working fine. but suddenly it doesnt.

i checked the log and i got this in the file “ie-extension.log”

2013-03-11 16:14:08,933 [1] ERROR BHOMain - Unable to get document from browser
2013-03-11 16:14:08,937 [1] ERROR BHOMain - Error while looking for nuxeo tag
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Devuelto error HRESULT E_FAIL de una llamada a un componente COM.   en SHDocVw.IWebBrowser2.get_Document()
en NuxeoDragDropIeExtensionNS.BhoMain.isPluginEnabled() en c:\hudson\workspace\desktop-integration_nuxeo-dragdrop_setup\nuxeo-dragdrop-ie-extension\BhoMain.cs:línea 66

i dont have any idea, i saw that a user named “arien” deleted the “nuxeo.xml” files at:

c:\Program Files\NuxeoDM\templates\default\conf\Catalina\localhost
c:\Program Files\NuxeoDM\templates\postgresql\conf\Catalina\localhost
c:\Program Files\NuxeoDM\templates\default\conf\Catalina\localhost
c:\Program Files\NuxeoDM\conf\Catalina\localhost

but i only can see that file in c:\Program Files\NuxeoDM\conf\Catalina\localhost

i erased it and restarted the server and nothing happened.

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I don't know that error. Did you apply some windows upgrade? What is your IE version? What is your Nuxeo version?

Erasing nuxeo.xml is a very bad idea and can't have anything to do with your issue.

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