webDAV paths

I try to use webDAV in Windows Explorator and it works very nice. MS Office can open and edit all its files, but there is a problem with PDF and TXT files. The system tryies to open them in an internet browser. As a result, the serwer returns 404 Error ie. path not found. For instance, in workspace “http://nuxeo.company.com.pl:8082/MyWorkspace” is located file “MyFile.pdf”. When I try to open it in Windows Explorator, it is redirected to a web page “http://nuxeo.company.com.pl:8082/MyWorkspace/MyFile.pdf” with the error. Of course, when I try to open the link “http://nuxeo.company.com.pl:8082/MyWorkspace/site/dav/MyFile.pdf” it works properly.

My first question is, how to configure webDAV that PDF and TXT files will be opened in dedicated programs for them without redirection to the internet browser? And the second one is, how to correct the path to properly display these files in IE?

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