How to use input when path contains space at the end

I'm trying to use call from the Automation service, but I have some problem when the Path of my Document finish with space e.g.:

'/default-domain/workspaces/MyWorkspace/MyFolder/MyDocument '

when I call the service, I use :

{"input":"docs:/default-domain/workspaces/MyWorkspace/MyFolder/MyDocument , /default-domain/workspaces/MyWorkspace/MyFolder/AnotherDocument", "params":{}, "context":{}}

I tried to put single quotes (') and double quote (“), but still the same error

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You cannot.

The default “docs” resolver (on the server side) is trimming the doc paths in the list.

The only way to do this is to override the default resolver for “docs” which is:

You can do this by creating a regular Nuxeo component and call the following code in the activate method:

JsonRequestReader.addInputResolver(new MyDocumentsInputResolver());

where MyDocumentsInputResolver is your custom resolver for the “docs” input. (which should implement the logic to accept trailing spaces in the path entries)

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As far as components are concerned you can learn more here:


and here:

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Ok, but how do I create a regular Nuxeo component, can you give me an example or point me to the doc.



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