Getting all metadata for a document using REST API

The REST API gives the following standrad response:

    "entity-type": "document",  
    "repository": "default",  
    "uid": "04525460-9b9d-430c-b35d-16b21494f093",  
    "path": "/default-domain/workspaces/templatesamples/MyFolder/NEFT.png",  
    "type": "File",  
    "state": "project",   
    "parentRef": "8dc40f62-24dc-42ea-bd19-a8114e7bb94d",  
    "versionLabel": "0.0",    
    "isCheckedOut": true,    
    "title": "NEFT.png",  
    "lastModified": "2015-06-01T17:23:00.00Z",  
    "facets": [  
    "changeToken": "1433179380000",  
    "contextParameters": {}  

Is there any way to get the entire metadata for the document, like creation time, tags, or any custom metadata?

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Use the X-NXDocumentProperties HTTP header, see the doc at Special HTTP Headers.

It's also the topic of this blog post: How to Retrieve Custom Metadata with Content Automation.

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