Why participant don't have access to his task into a workflow?

Hello all,

I use Nuxeo 5.5 on ubuntu-server

  • i login and go to my personal workspace.

  • select a document and click the tab workflow

  • click Approval workflow

  • click Approved (minor version)

  • click start

  • select user2

  • select write

  • select verification

  • select a date and click add

  • click start the workflow

  • log out as user1 and login as user2

  • Click on the task i got.

  • In the tab workflow i select a other user to add him/her to the workflow (Select reviewers)

  • select a user3

  • select write

  • select verification

  • click Approve

  • log out as user2 and login as user3

Trouble: No task displayed into the task list for user3

User1 did use a document in “Personal workspace”. If user1 use a document from the workspaces its working fine. So it's looks like its al about rights.

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perfect thanks.

I like to award you with points, only that aint working so from the Netherlands 10 points



I gave Benjamin 11 points because its working for me :-)

Ok I reproduce this problem and you are right there is a right problem. If you add your user3 with Read right on your personal workspace the task is visible for him.

In fact normally the workflow must give temporally the right you specify into the workflow (write in your case), the time the task associated is activated. This is not the case in your steps and this is a bug.

I create an issue JIRA and you can follow the correction through it: https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-8674

Thanks you very much for your precise feedback.

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