Workflow problem from userworkspaces (hotfix 3 and up only)


If i make a workflow and the document stands in my userworkspace, the user opening the workflow from his tasks gets this error

  • I logon as user and go to my personal workspace.
  • Open a document and select the workflow tab.
  • check the Approval workflow and Approved (minor version) radio-buttons.
  • Select a second user and give him/her write rights, Click on Add and start the workflow
  • Logon as the second user and go to My Tasks.
  • Click in My Tasks on the workflow-task

when i uninstall hotfix 3 the problem is gone. it looks like access rights cos the file is in an userworkspace.


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Such an error on a stock Nuxeo is a bug. Could you open a JIRA ticket please ?

I like to only i can,t logon with my account. and if i want to change my password i get the next error

The password could not be changed by the credentials provider. com.atlassian.crowd.exception.OperationNotPermittedException: com.atlassian.crowd.exception.ApplicationPermissionException: Not allowed to update user 'gunshipx' in directory 'LDAP server'.


Ok i report it, only needed to make a new account

Can you create an answer with the link on the ticket, for other guys that will have the same trouble.

Thanks :)


Problem is now solved and its solution will be part of HF05 See

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great work guys

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