Launch workflow from automation chain?

I am hoping I am missing something obvious..

I have a document lifecycle defined. When a user submits a document, I want to automatically kick off a validation workflow to approve the document to move it to the next step in the lifecyle.

I can use Services->create task, however, I still must manually navigate to the workflow tab and start the workflow. I cannot seem to find anything in studio that would allow me to kick it off automatically? The task shows up properly with the proper user group, however, when the link is clicked, the workflow hasn't started.

The desired behavior would be for the document to be ready for approve / reject when the user clicks the link. Is this possible??

Don Bauer
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Why don't you use the Document > Follow Life Cycle Transition operation. If all you need is move the document to the next step in the lifecycle upon a user click, this should do the job.

I am fine with that, can I create a link, send it in an email and when clicked would move a document along the lifecycle??

so I could create two links, one for the approve transition and one for the reject transition?? I cannot seem to find it in the documentation..


If you're fine with a looser validation process, you can read the documentation explaining how to make a task assignment to one or many users, it gives a complete example: the “one step validation workflow tutorial”. As you can chose to launch another automation chain when users accept or reject the task, it makes it possible for you to mix quite a variety of operations, including changing the document lifecycle state, sending emails,… see the reference documentation.

Launching a parallel or validation workflow is not possible out of the box using operations available by default in Studio, but further improvements are on the way via content routing features integration, see the blog entry

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Yes, Donbauer1, you can create a handler bound to "on create" event and in the related automation chain, you can use the "createTask" operation, as in the sample ANahide pointed. Not that in the automation chains called if user accepted or rejected, you can also re-use create task, which enables to follow a multiple steps workflow, if required.