Workflow removed can still be selected

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I have a problem with workflows. I have seen that after deleting a workflow in nuxeo studio, the type of document the workflow was associated with still allows the option to send that document to that workflow.

I need those deleted workflows not to appear in the WF dropdown menu.

I have attached a screenshot of what I see in Studio, and the WFs that users can select.

The following WFs should not appear in the dropdown menu:

  • “serial approval flow” “project_flow” “Parallel Review flow” *

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There is a deployment error probably, as this is not the expected behavior obviously: I suggest you to remove your studio project with nuxeoctl and make sure the jar file of your studio project is no longer in the bundles folder.

Maybe it is a browser cache issue: are the available workflows correct when you set breakpoint on the element in the web browser or by REST API calls?


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